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Sandra & Ivan London Central Street Cafe Wedding

Weddings can get stressful. Phew! When planning the happiest day of your life, you can feel the indescribable joy, followed by pressure that can easily stress you out. I had an honor to witness and capture a wedding of my dear friend, Sandra, who left me simply impressed. Sandra and Ivan wanted a casual wedding without compromising the beauty and fun. So they chose this super cozy venue called Central Street Cafe in London with a rooftop patio. They had a Mexican theme decor to showcase Ivan’s Mexican background. It is always a great idea to incorporate one’s roots into the celebration for it makes the celebration more special and festive. They had a very intimate ceremony with the closest friends and family. I can truly say it was most laid back and fun wedding I have been to. Great job, Sandra and Ivan, and congratulations on your happily ever after!









Diana & Tomas The Boarding house anniversary session

I can’t say enough about how much fun I had with Diana and Tomas. I loved the idea of them choosing this really cool venue with a lot of character for their anniversary session. Love when my couples get creative.



Venue: The Boarding House



Guoda + Egidijus Wedding


When everything slows down I love remembering gorgeous weddings I shot this summer. Thanks to Guoda and Egidijus for letting me capture their day and they could’ve not looked more in love.



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